When Did I Get Old?

Thursday, March 7, 2013
Picture it. First grade classroom. Yesterday.

One of my kids reached a HUGE reading goal. (YAY!)

I tell him we must immediately notify mom and dad. He agrees.

We proceed to the phone hanging on the wall in my classroom. I dial the number. He bounces with excitement. 

I say to mom, "We have big news! Here's __." 

I hand him the phone. It looks just like this one.

He looks at me as if I have handed him an explosive. 

Kid-How do you hold this thing?

Me-Um, what? 

Parent-Hello? Hello?

Kid-How do you hold it with this line on it? 

Me-I'm not sure if you're kidding (though obviously he is not kidding, NOT KIDDING!)

Parent-Are you there?

So I placed the receiver into the palm of his hand and showed him to how to hold the phone. He nodded as if to say, "Thank you for teaching me how to use this outdated piece of equipment that I will probably never use again. You're a sweet old lady." 

It doesn't stop there! I call my sweet mom to tell her about it and she says..........OF ALL THINGS......

"Now you know how I feel."

 One foot in the grave people, one foot in the grave. 



  1. Awesome! What a great story:) I know how you feel, too!

    Teaching in Progress

  2. So funny! Yesterday (which was my birthday) one of my kindergarten friends touched my hair and said, "You've lived a very long time." He then clarified, "but not as long as my grandma!" Great!

  3. Oh my goodness! This cracked me up! I've read so many posts now, but somebody in the last day or two wrote a post about all the things kids do not know because of changes in the last few decades. The way you used dialogue to help tell the story really made me feel like I was there.....and that ending. Hilarious!



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