High Maintenance Mom

Friday, March 29, 2013
or HMM as I like to call them, I mean us.....I mean them, not me-no way Jose, I'm not one of those, not in a million years. I AM NOT A HIGH MAINTENANCE MOM! I'm not! 
In my early teaching years, I would joke (ok, I still sometimes do) about high maintenance parents. You know the ones, they mean well (most of them) but can come across a little, ya know, how do I say this, um...annoying.  

Seven years ago (gasp!) I became an aunt and absolutely encouraged my sister to join the elite group of HMMs. She is a proud member now and I am proud of her for it. She is very involved her child's education and I love that. Does she drive teachers crazy, I'm sure she does. Let's face it though, she probably would anyway. :)

When I was blessed with T, I fought becoming an HMM as hard a I could. The kindergarten teachers at my school would joke about who would have T and what I would expect from them-a newsletter, technology, quarterly conferences, etc. Hmmm....they were predicting my HMMness. They knew it was coming before I did. I mean, I do have high expectations for myself and my classroom, but would I indeed pass that along to the educators of my sweet son? 

Yes, yes I will. I won't be nuts....probably not anyway. But I will always expect the best. I think we all should, for all of them. 


  1. I love the voice in this piece. I've tried to resist being a HMM, especially when my daughter was a student in my building. I've been blessed that she is a HMS (High Maintenance Student). She pushes her teachers quite a bit on her own.

  2. I know I'm probably a HMM, in that, like you, I expect the best of my sons' teachers. I hope I'm always a highly supportive mom (HSM)-- someone who does her part in her child's education and also does everything she can to support the teacher- including flowers, and thank you notes, and an occasional new book or two.


Thank you for your comments. Words matter. :)


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