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Sunday, March 3, 2013
Earlier this month, I headed to DC (yes, I love it there) to participate in the Shot@Life Summit. I've talked about Shot@Life before and my passion for helping children around the world. Being a part of the United Nation Foundation's movement to vaccinate children in developing countries is empowering. YES, I can make a difference from right here in GA. YES, I do have a voice when talking to my congressional leaders. YES, a few bucks can save a child's life and YES, we are going to eradicate polio-the disease that impacted my grandfather over 85 years ago. So close, too-99% down and 1% to go!
Two of my favorite fellow Champions and my favorite Shot@Life quote!
 My fellow Georgia Champions! So happy to have met them and look forward to working with them in the year to come! 
We met with staffers from Chambliss and Isakson while we there.  I was thrilled to learn how Senator Johnny Isakson is so supportive of global health care. The experiences at both offices were encouraging to say the least! I will be more involved locally and can't wait! Click on their names to visit their websites and let them know how excited you are about the eradication of polio! I did!
My two cheerleaders-A and T. They loved DC as much as I did. The visited lots of memorials and made lots of memories. So lucky to be able to give these two at Shot@spending time with their cousin!

So how can you help? Go like Shot@Life on FB so you can stay up to date and learn about the cool things we are doing! Visit Shot@Life's page and join me in being a Champion! 
Either way, let them know I sent you! We are on a mission and would love to have you join us! 


  1. Wonderful cause!

  2. I had never heard of this organization. It definitely sounds like a worthwhile cause. I'm right in the middle of an advocacy unit with two second grade classes, I want to show them your post tomorrow.

    (about my Paw Paw)

  4. YAY! Here are two more posts about it!


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