Keeping Informational Fun in K-1 Powerpoint

Monday, March 25, 2013
Here is our powerpoint from last week's workshop (minus the pictures and videos of our kids in action!) 

Be sure to check out the websites at the bottom. They are awesome and full of free, informational fun! In fact, I would say the possibilities are endless!
intro slide, how we launch our units
Readers look closely to learn more. Perfect for close reading, too!
I love Pause for Poetry. We read a shape poem by Jane Yolen and had them guess the shape and share why. That is comprehension, while bringing it back to the text.
Some of favorite lessons.
For this one, we read a Georgia Heard poem (another favorite) and covered up one word. They had to guess the missing word and give text evidence to support their answer.
I'll need a whole other post to cover these!
Yep, another post for these, too!
These are the links we shared. They received rave reviews! 
* Super short info videos!

What fun things do you do for informational literacy? Please share!


  1. Our primary grade classes do a ton of work with nonfiction. We are on spring break this week, but I will definitely share this with them next week.

    1. Awesome! Thank you! I'll post about the Informational Quickies, too! Our spring break is the 2nd week of April and the kids are ReAdY!

  2. Great! I will take it for my class. What's the process of creating this kind of presentation ? Are you using PowerPoint templates or you are choosing colors and background by yourself?

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