Friday, January 31, 2014 No comments
AH! Just when I thought I could not love Disney's Frozen any more than I already do, they come out with a SING ALONG version! 

I've already been singing along with the soundtrack in my car, in my classroom, and with the awesome acoustics in the shower!

Look for the new SING ALONG version at a theater near you! If you are in Atlanta, look for me in the theater! I'll be the one dressed like Elsa. You know, showing my #DisneySide! 

Snow Ice Cream

Thursday, January 30, 2014 No comments
I would love to tell the backstory of #snowinthesouth and I might another day, but for now I'd love to share one of our snow happies!

My sweet friend Maria texted this image from ThisNThatWithOlivia to me and T and I both got a little too excited! We rushed outside with bowl in hand and prepped for our new recipe! Kid loves to cook! 

It did not take long for our bowl to fill! Did we have exactly 4 cups? I don't know! What we did have was a bowl full of fluffy, cold fun!
We did not have milk so T volunteered his box o' milk! 

Final verdict?  YUM! 

So glad my friend sent this our way. Our whole family enjoyed making it and eating it. T enjoyed finishing mine and N's! 

Have you had snow ice cream? Are you going to try it if you get the chance?

Outdoor Math

Friday, January 24, 2014 26 comments
Ah! Our first graders are sooo excited about our new math zone! Using grant funds, we found a local paving company to pave number bonds, a ten frame, double ten frame, a number line, and......a 120 chart!
The kids are loving it! They are calling out number bonds and telling their buddies to find the missing number! We know our friends in K and 2nd are going to be just as amazed!
By far, their favorite is the 120 chart. They walk and count, jump and count, run/freeze/say the number, hop by tens, jump and count backward, etc. We can't stop smiling!
We designed this one to be just the right size for paper or dry erase boards. That way, we can decide the numerals for ourselves! 

Due to weather, we have not been able to use them for teaching as much as we (and the kids) would like. We just can't wait for it to warm up so we can take our math lesson outside! 

I think anytime we can combine movement and math, we are doing a great thing for our kids. Taking it outside is kicking it up to an even higher notch! 

I mean, seriously, how cool is this?!?!

Hello Nut Job!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014 5 comments
Is your child as excited about this movie as mine is? T can't wait to see The Nut Job and it opens this Friday! I am hoping it lives up to his high expectations! Do you know about the movie? 

The Nut Job is an action-packed comedy that follows Surly (voiced by Will Arnett-LOVE), a mischievous squirrel, who must plan a heist to get into his town’s biggest nut shop in order to help his pals in the park gather food to survive the winter. Together with his sidekick, Buddy, he will assemble a ragtag crew to help him get inside – and take them on a fun-filled adventure that they’ll never forget.

Watch the trailer here:

All Star Cast:

Check out Nut Job on social media, too!

Now, would you like to win your own super cool Nut Job goodie bag? 
It includes a shirt, puzzle, stickers, a pen, lunch cooler, AND sticky notes shaped like a nut! Ah! Leave a comment below telling me who you will share it with if you win! Please leave your email or FB name so I can contact you! Winner will be announced Monday, January 20th!

*Winner will be chosen via random number generator. 


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