Disney's Good Dinosaur FREEBIES!

Monday, September 28, 2015 No comments
Disney Pixar's latest creation is The Good Dinosaur. It's not just another dinosaur movie though.....
If you have a little dinosaur lover, check out these freebies to print! Click the pictures to download!

Maybe I'll see you November 25th at the theater! 

Hotel Transylvania 2 Review!

Saturday, September 26, 2015 1 comment
We were lucky enough to preview this film in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own, as always!

When the first Hotel Transylvania came out, I was a little nervous. I wasn't so sure about the creepiness level. T was so excited though. We saw it at the theater and fell in love. The cast is AMAZING and I felt like they brought the movie to life! There was creepy too, but beyond the creepy was a love story-the young, forbidden love story and the story of father, daughter love. Needless to say, we have been anxiously awaiting Hotel Transylvania 2

Have you seen the trailer?

We went to a preview last weekend and were not disappointed! All of our favorites were in the sequel-Drac, Jonathon, Mavis, Frank, Invisible Man, and so on. The new arrival, Dennis, is the adorable vampire/human baby belonging to Mavis and Jonathon. He's just as cute as cute can be and he is what this movie is all about!
Dennis' fangs have not come in yet, so it is unclear whether he is a vampire or not. So should his parents pack up and move to sunny California where he can be more "normal?" AH! Just the thought of that throws Drac over the edge! You'll have to watch to see what happens, but I think you will like it! 
bleh, bleh, bleh!!
Five and up is the way to go with this one, though there were younger ones in the theater. T said he really liked Hotel Transylvania 2, but still not as much as the first one. I think I have to agree. 

Click here to follow HotelT2 on Instagram! It's in theaters this weekend, so go see it and let me know what you think!

The Primary Peach

Thursday, September 17, 2015 No comments
Hi guys! I'm guest blogging on The Primary Peach today with a sneak peek into my classroom. Check out my post, but then be sure to check out the other posts starring creative and beautiful classrooms across Georgia! 
Here is a sneak peek just for you!

What is your favorite part of YOUR classroom?

Susie Homemaker

Monday, September 7, 2015 2 comments
I was in need of a laugh last week and took a minute to relax and think through some of my all time most laughable moments. There have been many, but this one is a classic.

N and I had married maybe a couple of years. I came home from school tired and maybe even a little grumpy. Comfort food was on the menu so I decided to go with spaghetti. I ground the beef, boiled the noodles, and opened the cabinet to grab some sauce. Much to my surprise, there was no sauce. Ugh! I was too tired to go to the store. Then I remembered what I had seen on the Food Network over the weekend! Duh! I'll just make the sauce!

Ina Garten had made a delicious sauce and I was pretty sure I had all of the ingredients! I poured in the tomato sauce, worcestershire (googled the spelling of that!) a little brown sugar, a whole bunch of other stuff, and some spices....mmmm! The kitchen smelled delicious! It also smelled sweet, but who I am to judge Ina!?!

I was so excited and proud of myself! I could not wait to share this homemade sauce with my husband! I dipped a spoon into the pot and prepared for the taste of Italy! As the first drop hit my tastebuds, I was taken back to watching Ina and suddenly remembered she was not making spaghetti sauce. She was making barbecue sauce. Ah, that's right friends, we had BBQ spaghetti and I don't, I repeat don't recommend it. My apologies to Ina, and my sweet husband.

Any food mishaps in your past? 


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