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Monday, September 7, 2015
I was in need of a laugh last week and took a minute to relax and think through some of my all time most laughable moments. There have been many, but this one is a classic.

N and I had married maybe a couple of years. I came home from school tired and maybe even a little grumpy. Comfort food was on the menu so I decided to go with spaghetti. I ground the beef, boiled the noodles, and opened the cabinet to grab some sauce. Much to my surprise, there was no sauce. Ugh! I was too tired to go to the store. Then I remembered what I had seen on the Food Network over the weekend! Duh! I'll just make the sauce!

Ina Garten had made a delicious sauce and I was pretty sure I had all of the ingredients! I poured in the tomato sauce, worcestershire (googled the spelling of that!) a little brown sugar, a whole bunch of other stuff, and some spices....mmmm! The kitchen smelled delicious! It also smelled sweet, but who I am to judge Ina!?!

I was so excited and proud of myself! I could not wait to share this homemade sauce with my husband! I dipped a spoon into the pot and prepared for the taste of Italy! As the first drop hit my tastebuds, I was taken back to watching Ina and suddenly remembered she was not making spaghetti sauce. She was making barbecue sauce. Ah, that's right friends, we had BBQ spaghetti and I don't, I repeat don't recommend it. My apologies to Ina, and my sweet husband.

Any food mishaps in your past? 


Thank you for your comments. Words matter. :)


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