Do you know Lulu?

Tuesday, September 30, 2014 No comments
Reading aloud from a chapter book is one of my favorite parts of our school day. Well, actually, reading aloud period is my favorite part of the day.  :) This year's class especially loves our sacred chapter book time of day!

I was looking for a new chapter book to share with my readers and I stumbled upon Lulu and the Brontosaurus (thanks Twitter!) by Judith Viorst and Lane Smith. Judith Viorst has written lots of amazing books including Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day which was recently made into a movie. (Kids loved that fun fact!)
We LOVED it! The kids were laughing out loud and singing along! Yes, there is singing! 

Who is Lulu? She is a little girl and she is a brat. She always gets her way until one day she asks for a pet dinosaur. Craziness ensues. Other cool features about this book~a narrator tells the story and adds her own two cents, the chapters are short and the kids begged for one.more.chapter, there are alternate endings (Hello Wayne's World!!) and the illustrations are amazing! 

If you are looking for a fresh read aloud, check it out! There are 2 more in the series, too! I can't wait to share these with my guy! 

Do you have a favorite chapter book read aloud? 

Come On Fall!

Monday, September 29, 2014 No comments
When I say this, please understand I am sooooo serious. 

I am 100% completely and totally ready for fall. I love fall. I need fall. I love everything about it! I love the decorations. I love the holidays. I love the smells. I love the clothes and the colors and the sound the leaves make when you walk through them. I love the weather, oh yes, I love the weather. I just love fall.
I should mention that I met N in fall. It was his last fall semester in college and my first semester at a new school. I was in a physics class that as it turns out, I did not need. (I'm calling that fall fate!) I missed one or two (or 5 classes) and asked for his notes. We studied on cool fall nights and the rest as they say, is history. 

Fall means Halloween, the fair, Thanksgiving, sweaters and scarves, apple cider, and the yummiest of foods all of which happen to be comfort foods.Fall really is the best season ever! there a place where it is fall like year round? If there is, I'm packing my bags!

What is your favorite season and do you have a special reason? 


Saturday, September 27, 2014 2 comments
We moved to the suburbs of Atlanta a little over 8 years ago. I've never really called Atlanta home though. Home is in Mobile. Home is my mom's house, my Granny's yard, my old school, my best friend and of course, my family.

T was confused at first when we would head to Mobile and I would call it "home." I clarified and he understood. N would sometimes joke that home was actually the house we bought on the little street in the quiet neighborhood in the burbs. But home was in Mobile. 

We've had two tragedies in our family in just three short weeks and if there has been a silver lining, and this is a stretch, I've learned that home can be two places and both can make you feel happy. I get it now. I don't have to love one more than the other. 

Mobile will always be home and every time we make the drive, I can't wait to get there and I'm sad to leave. I'm equally happy to be heading back home though, to our Atlanta home, to my Atlanta bed. 

I have wonderful memories and sad memories in both places. I have friends and family we love so much and who also happen to love us and they live in both places. 

I think I'm lucky. That seems so odd to say during a time like this, but I am. I have two homes and that I can't wait to get to and people in both places that I just can't wait to see. You know what, I am lucky. 

Big Hero 6

Thursday, September 25, 2014 No comments
T is counting the days until the premiere of this movie! He just can't wait to see this guy on the big screen! 

While I am not as excited, I know Disney will not disappoint! 

Have you seen the latest Big Hero 6 trailer? If not, here it is!  

Happy Friday!

Love and Loss

Sunday, September 7, 2014 4 comments
Hi friends. I'm sorry for not posting these last few days. My father in law very suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. He was an amazing man, father, and grandfather and we will miss him so much. He is T's idol.

Please keep our family in your thoughts and prayers. 
Visiting T for Grandparents Day in Pre K
Daytona Beach with Granma and Granpa
 Goofing off. It was like none of the rest of us were even there!
House hunting. He was so happy when we found the one! 
My brother in law, Granpa's brother, Granpa, and the world's best husband at Universal Studios. 
Granpa and his very best friend at Disney World on the coldest day ever.
On the train in NYC. T is passed out and happy in his Granpa's arms.


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