Keeping Informational Fun in K-1

Thursday, March 21, 2013
That's the name of the workshop my partner in crime and I presented yesterday at a local university. I love presenting with my PIC because we bounce well off each other. Banter, you know, friendly banter. She can say something and I add on to it and vice versa. No stepping on toes, no did I hurt your feelings. We are genuinely helping each other for the good of the audience--in this case, future teachers. I feel crazy lucky to have a colleague who will take these challenges with me, encourage me to do my best, provide honest feedback and honest to goodness make me want to be a better teacher.
Here are the highlights:

1. Neither one of us became violently ill right before this first time presentation (though PIC did have a major sinus infection and threatened to back out repeatedly!)

2. We were both mega proud for stepping out of our comfort zone and sharing informational action!

3. People laughed and smiled and took notes and stayed over and said it was great. 

4. We had a full fact, people took chairs from neighboring rooms (YAY!) and no one snuck out!

5. Because many were students, we had to sign off on their attendance. For like 30 seconds, I was signing autographs and in my head was imagining I had just published my first book! Hey-a girl can dream! 

6. We were able to show off our students' hard work through videos. Um, can you say proud? I know we were glowing!

I'm too tired to upload pics, but I will! In fact, I might even try to load the powerpoint. I said might. :)

Do you have a PIC? If not, I hope you find one soon and I hope I can keep mine forever! 


  1. Glad your presentation went well! I do have a PIC, and I treasure her for all the same reasons you treasure yours. She keeps threatening to tape record the conversations we have on our morning walks to capture the brilliant statements that we come up with but immediately forget! (At least they sound brilliant at the time.) Can't wait to hear more about your presentation.

  2. Nice slice! Nice job presenting, getting out of your comfort zone, and showing off your kiddos' awesomeness. Even better that you have a PIC. Everyone needs a PIC :).

  3. It's always nice presenting with someone!! It helps get rid of the nerves and makes things fun. Congrats!

  4. Sounds like you have found a perfect PIC! I know you said MIGHT but we'd love to see your presentation! I know there are lots of slicers who could help you get it uploaded.


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