I Love to Travel

Tuesday, March 26, 2013
I love to travel. I love to go, go, go. This may be avoidance behavior and it may just be a love of travel. Either way, I am always mentally planning my next trip!
According to this, I have so much left to see! 

I'm not a beach girl, but I go in a heartbeat to hear the waves.
I'm not a humid weather gal, but I'd hit the jungle any day!
I'm not an animal lover, but would leave for a safari today!
I'm not a skier, snowboarder, or even close, but I'd play in the snow for days!
I'm not much for heat, but I'll throw on a sunhat and blend right in!
I'm not much for waiting in lines, but put some ears on my head and call me Minnie-I'll go!
I'm not much for walking miles and miles, but give me a little notice and I'll prep....by buying comfy shoes!
I'm not much for getting lost, but I'll find a map or make a new friend to help me along my way!

I don't have a favorite spot. I really don't. I do have a favorite traveling buddy though-my husband. He makes all the "I'm nots" turn into "I got this." He loves to travel as much as I do and we always have the best time!

I hope we travel for the rest of our lives-little trips, big trips and everything in between. I hope our son always loves it as much as he does now!

Do you have a favorite spot or favorite travel buddy?


  1. I'm the same way! I love to travel & am constantly planning at least a trip or two in advance. My husband & I have a 1963 Corvair convertible & take a road trip in it every summer... no reservations, just a map & a week of back roads. It's one of our favorite travels!

    1. How fun! I can seriously hear the excitement in your words! Maybe we should give that a try this summer. We've never ventured into the Carolinas...Hmmm....:)

  2. I love to travel too, and like you, I'm pretty much up for anywhere. I like different kinds of vacations at different times. I love those throw a suitcase in the car and head for the hills kind of weekends. At this time of year, when I'm tired and over cold weather, give me a beach and a book (or ten). And then in the summer, I'm up for any kind of adventure- road trip, foreign country, whatever. I'm not married so my favorite travel partner is anyone who wants to go with the flow and have fun and try new things.

    1. Warmer weather....soon I hope! I mean, I'm in the ATL for Pete's sake!! I love a road trip (and they tend to be cheaper!) I haven't made plans for this summer, but am super excited about the possibilities! Pre-hubs, I would go anywhere with friends, family, etc and I'm so glad I did. That really set the stage for my love of travel!


Thank you for your comments. Words matter. :)


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