To Do Lists, Grocery Lists-I Make Lists!

Saturday, March 16, 2013
Hello my name is L and I am a list maker. In fact, nothing makes me happier than making a list. Paper choice (or lack of paper) is not an obstacle. I will make a list on anything-sticky notes, those big, yellow, legal pads, scraps of paper, napkins, receipts, etc. Seriously, I love lists! I even doodle lists (and long division-but that is another story!)
Here is a list of my favorite kinds of lists:
1. things to do at school
2. books I want to buy
3. kids I am going to meet with
4. groceries
5. things to do at home
6. things for N to do at home
7. things for us to finish at home
8. places I want to go
9. ways I want to get better at something (this is a doozy!)
10. things I am happy about (thanks to my friends at Happify!) 

I also like books about lists. In fact, one of the first books I bought with my own money (again, very serious) was.....
The more I write, the more I'm this normal? Are there other list makers out there or am I alone in my list making? <sad music here>

Off to work on my next list, titled "Why List Making is Cool."


  1. Yep - I'm an obsessive list maker, too. My lists even have sub-lists!

    Teaching in Progress

  2. Totally a list maker here. I list/plan my work clothes for the week, make lists on a bedside notepad before I sleep, have an ongoing list written in the corner of my whiteboard in my classroom, use the desktop sticky note widget for lists, make weekly lists which then turn into daily are so not alone!

  3. Got to make lists! It is the only way I can keep everything organized and get stuff done. Plus, the satisfaction of checking something off of my list just feels good!

    1. I have a gazillion lists and am not organized! Ha! I try to be though! I also LOVE checking this off. It does feel really good!!

  4. I like the humor in your post. I, too, love lists. :)

    1. We should start a club! LMA (List Makers of America)

  5. I love making lists so that I can cross things off! Or, better yet, throw an entire list away because I dominated it!

  6. Oooh I love making lists too!! I will make them anywhere, but paper choice and pen choice matters to me. I'm an office supply junkie, too. I loved your list!! Thanks.

  7. Me too! I LOVE office supplies. I change favorites often though. Current list of faves-Flair, the new Bic and lined post its. :) Thanks for commenting!

  8. I am not a list maker in life, but I enjoy an occasional list. Interesting how different we all are. Love the list. Made me think.

  9. Holy cow! A list of lists! I make lists, kind of, but not nearly as sophisticated as this! And then the trick is to not lose the list before you use it.


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