Wednesday, March 27, 2013
Isn't this what it is all about?
Starbucks with my guy after a long day of teaching and learning at school....I mean, what's better than a cake pop, water, and a peppermint mocha?? (non-fat, no whip of course!) 
Opening a package from Mr. Schu and seeing T's face as he reads Boy+Bot by Ame Dyckman, illustrated by Dan Yaccarino. That's what! Seriously, I can't even tell you the joy this brings me. He loves books (most days) and he loves surprises (any day!)

Life is tough. Life is short. Life is crazy.
Make time for Starbucks.
Make time for books!
Make time for making time!
Seriously, what is your favorite Starbucks treat?


  1. It looks like a very happy day! The joy of making time and taking the time to notice.

    1. Bliss. Reminding myself to notice more often.

  2. It sounds like a perfect ending to the day to me, too. Happiness all around!

    1. yep! We made our own treats yesterday and sat on the porch. Almost....almost as enjoyable as Starbucks. :)

  3. Think you hit the nail on the head. It's all about making time for the really important stuff. Good books and yummy treats and good times! I want my kids to remember me as someone who was fun. The less important stuff can wait!

    1. The less important stuff can wait. Exactly. I should print that and post it all over my house!


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