Monday, March 18, 2013
From Texas to south Alabama to middle Alabama to Georgia to North Carolina....oh car, take me there. Better yet, airplane take me there. Better yet, let me snap and appear in each location.

I have been best friends with a group of amazing girls (women? when did that happen?) for over 20 years. HOLY COW! I can't believe I just typed that! 
We don't see each other enough. We don't talk on the phone enough. We don't even email, facebook and text enough. 

We love each other though. When we are in the same room, the laughing and talking DOES NOT STOP! It is like old times, yet the past is not what binds us. It is the truest form of friendship keeping us close all these years. Boyfriends, embarrassing moments (lots of those!) breakups, dream jobs, weddings, college, relocating, friend fights, husbands, babies (8 between us,) loss of loved ones, and all the stuff in between. These beautiful faces are my best friends. At age 35, I can honestly say they are my BFF.

I hope they are reading this, they probably aren't though--busy being rock star moms, but in case they are-I love you guys.



  1. This is adorable! What a great tribute to great friends :)

  2. You have been friends a LONG time! So great to have such a long shared history! And you can tell by the photo how much you enjoy each other. Hopefully they will all see this wonderful tribute!

  3. Thanks Carol. They all sent me messages on FB telling me they were crying...happy tears.


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