Sunday, March 31, 2013
As I wrap up this month of SLICE writing, I feel, to say the least, inspired. In writing each day, a poem, a thought, a funny snippet of my life, I have found some kind of new me. I know, cheesy, but it's true. I've "met" some really amazing people and their stories of teaching, family, hopes, and dreams, have connected us. We've all entered this challenge with the goal of blogging/journaling/sharing a little something each day and we made it.

Is this starting to sound like a commencement speech or is it just me?

SLICE was a first for me, but I'll be back! In the meantime, I will continue to visit the Two Writing Teachers page and click back to all those links to see what is happening with my fellow SLICERS. I'm going to keep writing, too. Maybe not everyday.....but I will be writing more. I hope my SLICE friends will hold me to that!

On that note, here is my last SLICE, inspired by my evening with Sir Elton John. I walked away thinking, "Man, why do his songs have so much to do with me?" Ha! Maybe everyone feels that way though!
Surrounded by people listening
hearing sounds and mouthing words
yellow brick road and grey seal
tiny dancer and daniel my brother
He's singing and playing
I'm dreaming and thinking
don't let the sun go down on me
tearing up and hiding it

He's playing your song,
it's really my song
This speaks to me
I get it. Do others feel this too?
I guess that is why they call it the blues
he belts it out and people join
I'm quiet. I know
her candle burned out long before.....

I was ready.

Thanks for reading and thanks for sharing. Thanks for making me a part of something so amazing.

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