Run, Teacher, Run!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013
I have many, many friends (in real life and the Twitterverse) who are a part of #runteacherrun. I am a part of this group too. For real. I mean it this time. I'm serious! 

I counts if I run inside out of the rain OR run into a store to pick something up OR run away from danger.....right? 
If you are a runner, biker, or walker, I really do have good news for you! You can now do it for a cause with @CharityMiles. I have this app on my phone and my little strolls with T and the laps and laps around school all day are doing DoUbLe good!

I even feel pretty special because they are being sponsored! Ooh la la! That's right, by grabbing my phone and clicking this app, I get a mystery sponsor to donate to my favorite charity-Shot@Life!! One of my goals for March is to walk more. I might even jog. Maybe this app will inspire me. Exercise and doing good-I like it!

Best part? This app is FREE
Even better? Shot@Life is one of the charity choices! 
Best for last? You guys already walk/run/bike sooooo much that lives will be saved by the dozens!!! 

BONUS: It actually calculates the number of people you help! Can we say "instant gratification?"

Even those trips to the grocery store count! Woo hoo!

Go to iTunes and download CharityMiles!'s a great cause and SO EASY!

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