Reflecting on the School Year

Tuesday, June 4, 2013
School year number 11 has come to an end. My class was amazing. So unique, fun, and cooperative. Seriously-they were a gift! They made huge progress and we had a blast while we were doing it!

As a totally geeky person who reflects on her teaching and learning year round, I also like to stop and look back at the whole picture. Here I go! 
What was better this year than in the past? 
I *think* I balanced school and home better this year than ever before. I became one with first grade's Common Core standards by reading them, breaking them apart, researching ideas, looking across grade levels, creating activities and assessments and a whole bunch of trial and error! I read more books than my students, by myself, and with my son. It was a reading kind of year!
What will I do differently for 2013-14?
My huge goal for next school year, and this may sound silly, is to put it back! My file pile will often take overflow the file pile basket. Picture it-papers, tracers, ideas from other teachers, patterns, magazine articles I love, etc all in this cute basket-NOT looking so cute! I mean yuck, right?!?! I'm going to put things away immediately..... and if not-by Friday for sure! Mark this date and somebody, anybody, hold me to it!

What went well for you at home or school or both this year? What is your goal for next year?


  1. That is NOT a silly goal. I think it's an awesome goal. It'll help you be more organized, which is always great for teachers and their students. (I always had a huge pile in my classroom of things to be filed. When I moved from NYC to RI I threw it out. I couldn't bear to file it away.)

  2. I know! Cross your fingers for me and thanks for commenting!

  3. Love your goals! My goal is to figure out how to help PE teachers integrate CCSS into their instruction and do it with them. My personal goal is to continue to find balance.

    1. How cool! When you figure the PE/CCSS integration I would love to know more! That sounds exciting! I think balance will be my lifelong goal!

  4. Great goals. My goal is to better establish routines with a picture of the whole year's goals. So - beginning of the year Reader's Workshop routines will better support us as growing independent readers by January and as great writers about texts by April..

  5. I like the idea of stopping to take stock of the year and to set goals - just as we want our students to do.


Thank you for your comments. Words matter. :)


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