Heading Home

Wednesday, June 26, 2013
Day 5 of a 5 day blog fest all about our Carnival Cruise! This is not a review or anything official~just wanted to share our week cruising with a preschooler!

Our last day was upon us! It was another day at sea! We laid around for awhile (missed breakfast completely) and had room service lunch. I'm telling you, that is a perk people! Then we let T make the plans for the day! 
First stop, Waterworks. We were there for like 22 hours. Sunscreen, water, play, repeat! 
Water down the swim trunks! Is that a boy thing? He did it EVERY TIME he had the chance!
T had been a little uncertain of the big slide the first few days, but today, with Atlantis and the private island behind him, HE WAS READY! 
After all that outside fun, we passed out. It was a perfect last day treat~family nap time! We woke up late, got dressed, walked around some more, and headed to our last, yummy dinner. Dancing for evening including gandham style. T was all about it! 
 We arrived in the room to this special last night treat. T said, "Mommy, he made us a heart because we love it here." How sweet is that?!
 Our last day was done! Had it really already been 5 nights?!? 

Have you ever wished a trip just would not end?

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