Imaginary Friend

Thursday, June 6, 2013
Does your little genius have an imaginary friend? Mine does. Well, he did. After two years of talking with Monjer, listening to the elaborate tails of adventure and fun, calling him on the phone, telling him about our family, he is gone. 

I should have seen this coming. He had not mentioned Monjer as much lately. He had not pointed to his house as we drove by different houses around town. He had not yelled, "There's Monjer's car!" as we passed a fancy sports car. There had been no stories about Monjer's brother John Ponjer. I mean, I really should have known. 

While driving in the car, he told us Monjer "shrunk down when he was camouflaged as a stick bug and someone accidentally flushed him down the toilet." 
Is this Monjer? Can't be sure. :)
How did N and I react? Silence. Silence followed with, "oh, ok." Honestly, we're both a little sad to see Monjer go. T's Monjer stories are some of the best I've heard. This also means he is growing up and moving on. 

I'm not ready for either-him growing up or moving on.

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