Ooh a Private Island...

Tuesday, June 25, 2013
Day 4 of a 5 day blog fest all about our Carnival Cruise! This is not a review or anything official~just wanted to share our week cruising with a preschooler!

Our 4th day on the cruise was perfect because after walking like 10,000 steps around the Atlantis property, we all needed to relax! 
Again, Carnival was super efficient! We loaded the little boat to take us to their private island, Little Stirrup Cay, with very little wait time. T loved the ride over and being on top of the open boat! He went straight for the water! We walked around in the water and saw lots of fish and even a barracuda! So cool! 
We found lots of seashells and a few still had inhabitants. (We left those behind.) We built a couple of sand castles, too. Then mommy hit the beach chair while the two boys goofed off. I ended up with a sunburn on my legs. What am I 16? I mean, shouldn't I know better! Every other part of my body was coated in sunscreen. Oh well! We had the lunch provided-burgers and dogs along with tons of delicious, cold fruit and lots of water! Hours later, we headed back to the ship!
Of course, rather than nap, T decided to create a pulley system with the closet handles, a small rope he brought on the trip and some other random toys. Whatever works! :)

Dressed for dinner, we took another walk around the ship (burning off a few ice cream calories.) We checked out the putt putt course where the boys played yesterday. We also took advantage of another couple and had a few pictures taken. Generally speaking, travelers on cruises are super nice! 
Dinner was a big hit and featured T's favorite new food-mango soup. He.loved.it. He also loved the evening performance where the wait staff dances around the room. We joined each night...making memories for sure! He also drew a picture of my sister while waiting for our food. "Here's Nina, mommy-out of the blue." He misses her, too. 
Back in the room, N and I were ready to pass out. Instead, T wanted to write in his journal about the beach and sort his shells. How could we say no?

Day Four was coming to a close and I was getting a little homesick. Internet connection is super slow and expensive and I was starting to miss my family. Not talking to them each day is hard for me. 

Prayers and a recap of the day were finished. We moved this little guy over and all passed out!
Tomorrow is our last day, another day at sea! 

*None of us have been sick during the trip! Do you get seasick? What is that like!?! (or do I even want to know!)

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