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Saturday, June 1, 2013
We LOVE to travel! In fact, if opportunity knocks, this family is ready. We always have been that way, and since becoming parents, we feel it is even more important to get out and see our state, country, and world! 

We value so much the learning that comes from 1. planning a trip 2. discovering new places 3. handling the stress of travel situations and 4. trying new things. We want to see and experience everything!

I recently received a book for review and the first thing T said was, "Are we going on vacation?" Ha! I wish kid! But this book is all about travel with a spin! The characters are planes!
The story stars Chloe and her airplane friends prepping for their first assignment. During this process, we learn about different global locations. The airplane friends are based at the Ace Flight Academy and that in itself had my guy excited! The book is recommended for ages 4-8 which is perfect! T loved the pictures and story and seeing a few things he recognized. When I read it with my first graders though, they immediately connected locations to the continent study we had done and other books we had read. It was great! Come meet Chloe!

A bonus with Chloe is the free website! WOW! There is a parent section and a teacher section (yay!) There are online games, printables, and resources, too. While T might not know all the places mentioned in the book (yet!) he certainly loved the matching game and it was a teaching opp for me! The downside of the site is the airplane cursor. It is a little hard to direct link on things...cute though!
I believe a line of toys is coming down the pipe, at least I hope so! I think having a Chloe or Ludwig to take our next trip would be quite comforting for my guy! 

If you have an airplane lover OR are planning a trip OR teach preK-first grade OR want to teach your own child or grandchild about the world around them without leaving the couch-check out Chloe! For around $6, you just can't beat it! 


  1. This looks like a really cute book. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. This book sounds like a great learning tool. Thanks for the review.

    1. Thank you for commenting! It is a great learning tool!


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