Bon Voyage!

Saturday, June 22, 2013
Today starts a 5 day blog fest all about our Carnival Cruise! This is not a review or anything official~just wanted to share our week cruising with a preschooler!

Day One:
We made the drive from the ATL to JAX for our first family cruise. The drive was not bad at all! Thanks to our free hotel night from Priceline (summer special,) we were able to sleep in and casually head to our port. 
We parked in the port parking (will not do this next time-too pricey!) and carried our bags into the building. The line was long, but not too bad.  T was kept busy because there was so much to see. Security was painless as was check in. Carnival is super organized. I was pleasantly surprised with the process!

Our room was not ready (we were early,) so we headed to lunch. We could dine in the buffet area or on the deck (burgers and dogs.) We chose the buffet because it was 1000 degrees outside. I had a delicious salad and a hot sandwich. T was too excited to eat! 
We then headed to our room (a balcony room thanks to a last minute deal!) and put on our swimwear! First stop-Waterworks. This is the Fascination's little water play area. We had not even left the dock and T was already sliding down the slide! Even better, the ship videographer videod him in action and we saw it repeatedly on tv the rest of the cruise. He felt like a celebrity! Then we hit the pool (smaller than we thought we it would be and really wished there had been two because of the crowds) and stayed there until the shipped disembarked. It was cool to go under the JAX bridge on the ship. T was blown away!
After playing in the water for what felt like days, and mommy and daddy enjoying a first day at sea beverage, we washed up and went to dinner! 
We chose the late dining option and loved all of the choices! The kids menu is perfect and children may also order from the adult menu. There are vegetarian options, comfort foods, healthy choices, and what I'm calling "experience foods." You know-escargot, frog legs, sushi, etc. Foods you should experience and see if you like! 

We had a rowdy (intoxicated/vulgar/rude) group of young men at the table behind ours. We did not let it ruin our night though. We finished and asked for a different table. The Carnival crew handled it quickly and we had no more problems! 

When we returned to the room, T's bunk bed was prepared and so was his towel animal. He was a happy guy. We said our prayers and were off to dreamland. 

Day Two~Spending the Day at Sea with a 4 year old!

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