7 Tips for Cruising...with a Kid!

Thursday, June 27, 2013
Here are a few tips and tidbits for cruising with a kid! 

1. Tips are automatically charged to your account, around $11 each per day. Additional tips are at your discretion, and we absolutely thought our room stewards deserved a little extra....especially since we have a kid!

2. Take your own aloe gel! The one we bought from the cruise gift shop was $15. That's right-fifteen dollars! However, it was worth every penny at the time!

3. Let go of any idea of following your regular routine! We threw in the towel the first day and we are so glad we did! Vacations should be fun and responsibly carefree (does that even make sense?) Let your kids live a little!
4. Take your own drinks! Carnival allows you to bring your own Cokes, Capri Suns, juice, etc. Do it! Drinks are costly! A bottled water was $4, juice was around the same, and I'm not sure about the colas because we are not cola people. We did however pack a few waters and Capri Sun waters and I'm glad we did. They came in handy, especially at night when no one felt like making a drink run! Next time, we will bring the full amount allotted! 

5. There are washers and dryers on the ship! It is like a little laundromat and for about a buck, you can wash and dry clothes. I might not have packed 1,432 extra things if I had known this. (We all know that is a lie.)

6. Be prepared for the paparazzi! Carnival has photographers everywhere! This is great on one hand because you come away with some awesome family pictures. On the other hand, the pictures are about $11 each. YIKES! My advice here is avoid the photo walls unless you are willing to buy. I mean, my kid is so cute, I just had to buy them! (and Carnival knows that mom and dad!)
Last but not least....
7. If you are thinking about going on a family cruise, do it! With kids, it will not be the most relaxing trip you ever take, but it will be fun with entertainment provided, and meals ready when you are. No planning-just fun!

If you have any questions, let me know! I'll try to answer them! :)

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