Jackie Robinson

Friday, June 28, 2013
Have you seen 42, the Jackie Robinson story? N and I saw it last week at the Fabulous Fox Theater during the summer movie series. (Next time you are in the ATL, be sure to see a show at the Fox!) 

I am embarrassed to say, up until seeing the movie, I had little knowledge about Jackie Robinson. I knew he was a hero our 2nd graders all learn about in Georgia. I knew he was the first African American to play on a Major League team, but that was about it. <Hangs head in shame.> 

Watching the movie though, laughing out loud, cringing with disgust, and crying because times were terribly hard for so many, and then crying more because all over the world the same battle is being fought every single day--I decided to learn more.

I read information online at Biography.com and visited Jackie Robinson's page.  That did not cut it for me. We loaded the car and headed to the bookstore. Our local used bookstore had book featuring a few pages on Mr. Robinson, but nothing more. Next stop, Barnes and Noble. 

I chose these two books-one for information and the other for a fun read. I told my husband they were an investment as I am sure to recommend these two books to children soon!

I enjoyed both books and thoroughly enjoyed learning more about this Civil Rights hero, this amazingly strong individual, this person who changed baseball. I have told T a little bit about him, but can't wait to share more when he is a bit older. 

If you know all about Jackie or just know a little bit, go see the movie. (NOT recommended for elementary students. Language is disturbing-or at least it was for me.) It is powerful stuff. Some of the acting is a bit over the top, but the story is quite moving. 

If you have a 2nd-4th grader, I recommend both of these reads! I know some powerful family conversations could be hatched from learning more about the life and times of Jackie Robinson.

Who do you want to know more about? Next for me? Andy Warhol!

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