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Sunday, March 1, 2015
This week's What We're Reading Sunday is dedicated to Dr. Seuss! 

Kindergarten celebrated Read Across America a little early so T has been in rhyming mode. Seriously, he is trying to make everything he says rhyme. AHHHHHH! Get me out of here! He also wants to read, read, read every Seuss book ever written....which makes this mommy super happy!

He asked where our copy of If I Ran The Zoo was. I was positively ashamed to tell him we do not own it-not at school, not at home, not on the train, not in the rain. I'm going to get it though, I promise! We read these over the weekend and while I know Put Me in the Zoo is not actually Seuss, it is in the Seuss family and T read it to me all by himself. #happymommy
He read several others too and then I remembered that sometimes, yes sometimes, Seuss books drive me nuts! 
Here is my very favorite Seuss book. I'll be honest and tell you that I am so sad to not be sharing it with my first graders tomorrow. We read it earlier in the year, but there is just something about reading it on Dr. Seuss' birthday. I just love it! 
We'll be celebrating Read Across America day when T comes home from school tomorrow and hope you will, too! For ideas, printables, and activities, click on either picture below! There is something for everyone! 

What is your favorite Dr. Seuss book? 


  1. Hi, Lyssa! I have to say I love Horton Hatches An Egg! I love it! But in kindergarten I have to read over 2 days, or they get a little antsy! :) I need to get My Many Colored Days. I don't have that one! Also, confessions of a mom time.....when my own children were young....I hated reading Dr. Seuss to them! But now that I'm a teacher, I so see the value in his work and adore his books!! Have a great week!! Linda G.

    1. I love Horton, too! We've been spreading the longer ones out at bedtime too. Some of them....well.....shall we say....drag a bit! Please do check out My Many Colored Days. I think you will love it!!

      PS. Me too about Seuss in general! :)


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