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Wednesday, March 4, 2015
It's no secret, we love Disney World. We really do. My sisters and I took A when she was 2. We loaded up the whole crew and took them again when T was 2. We've made a couple (or three) more trips since then. We love going with friends, too....especially our Disney experts from Mouseducation

So it is no surprise that when our complimentary #DisneySide box arrived from our friends at Disney Parks and MomSelect, T immediately did a little happy dance! That's the thrill we all feel when we think Disney! He was so excited when he saw the HUGE box! He opened it and looked at each thing. "OOOH we're going to make a cake and look at this pan and stickers AND tattoos AND sprinkles AND girl toys and...." I explained that we'd been invited to share our #DisneySide like mommy did last year. He was all over it! "Let's invite A, P, Oba, Pops, Julianne...." 

That's when it hit me. My plan won't work. I had been planning our celebration in my head for weeks. As it turns out, his plans were better and more genuine than mine! I told him that everyone could not come visit at the same time though. What could we do? How could we share our #DisneySide with friends and family in Mobile, when we are in Atlanta? Hmmmmm.....

I thought about T's face when he opened the box. He was so tickled! That's when we decided to share that excitement with our family and friends. We packed our own #DisneySide boxes with goodies, pics from our trips, and a love note! Then we headed to the post office!
Box One was for Oba. Box Two for A and P. Box Three for Michele and Family.
T asked everyday if they had received their packages yet. "Mommy, did A get her magic box?" "Do you think Julianne got her Palace Pet? She's going to love those." "When is P going to make that rainbow cake?" "I bet Oba paints her nails right when she opens it!" Two days later, the phone started ringing! 
Julianne did have her Palace Pets and she loved painting her nails! Michele popped in her planning DVD and started thinking about their first trip to Disney World! Here's hoping we will be able to join them!
Oba did receive her nail polish and luggage tags! She put them together immediately and started hinting about our next trip! She also went straight to the DisneySide@Home Celebration page to find more recipes! Hoping she will make us a little surprise next time we are in town! Hint, hint! 
A was thrilled to receive her box and took her sweet time checking out each item! She and P decided they will be making the Duff cake for Easter. Yay!! A also starting talking about our next trip while she pulled out her Mickey ears just for fun!

Everyone loves getting a package! It's even better when it is a surprise AND it is even better when it is packed full of Disney love! 

I'm glad our DisneySide celebration part one was a huge success and I look forward to sharing part two in the coming days! For more info on hosting your own DisneySide@Home Celebration, click HERE or check out my Pinterest board!

What would you put in a #DisneySide box to share your Disney love?

I have received complimentary products in order to host a DisneySide @ Home Celebration. The opinions here are my own, as always. 


  1. Everyone does indeed getting a little surprise in the mail. We have become such a tech world that we miss that thrill of going to the mailbox and having something that someone actually spent time and a little thought to send you! I hope you message here makes us all think and not just about a Disney trip ( even though yes, it does make me want to start planning a trip) but about sending a thought in the mail.

    1. I agree! There is just something about getting snail mail that makes me smile! I received a sweet card last week from a friend and I put in on the mantle like it was a Christmas card! It was such a special treat!

  2. Oh the anticipation! Everyone loves sharing their DisneySide!

    1. I know!!! It is funny how once someone brings up Disney, everyone has some kind of story to share....a movie, a visit, etc. I love it!


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