How Do You Show Your DisneySide?

Monday, March 16, 2015
We had so much fun sharing our DisneySide with friends and family! What does that mean? It's just sharing a little of the Disney magic with people you love! Everyone has a DisneySide whether it be talking about a trip to the park, a favorite character, or favorite movie. When someone starts the Disney buzz everyone can join along! 

Part 2 of our fun included a play date with friends. We were soooo happy the weather cleared up for our festivities! 
Our snack of goldfish and flavored water was perfect and our Mickey and Friends tablecloth served as the perfect picnic blanket for the still damp ground! It was also perfect as a superhero cape and parachute! Yes, there are 3 children under the parachute/tablecloth. They loved it!
Then we were off to make our Mickeys. They could use anything they wanted as long as it was natural. T loves nature you know! Here are a few of their masterpieces! I can't wait to print these on HP cards as keepsakes! 

While I had a captive audience, I also did a short PSA about pods. I love the smell of All detergent and the convenience of pods! I also know as a mom and teacher that they are super tempting to play with! There was no standing ovation, but I think they got the picture~pods are a chemical, leave them alone. :)
We loved spending time with our friends and family and sharing our DisneySide! Thank you Disney ParksMomSelect, and the amazing sponsors for the opportunity! 

Be sure to check out Part One of our #DisneySide @Home Celebration and last year's too

Now the only question we have is........ 
I have received complimentary products in order to host a DisneySide @ Home Celebration. The opinions here are my own, as always. 


  1. Oh Lyssa! I loved this post! I loved the natural Mickey and Minnie faces! We are headed down to Disney World during spring break! I don't know who is more or my granddaughter!! Enjoyed reading your post and I'll have to show my Disneyside soon!!

    1. How exciting! I think spring is such a wonderful time to go! You guys are going to have a blast! Be sure to download the app! It really helped with wait times, etc! I hope you'll write a post about the trip so we can see pictures!


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