CInderella and Frozen Fever!

Friday, March 13, 2015
My little Prince Charming and I attended a preview of Disney's Cinderella a few days ago. I fell in love all over again! 

The movie starts with the much anticipated Frozen short, Frozen Fever. We loved it. T especially loved the little snowbabies. Ok, I did too! Here's the trailer for it! 

As for Cinderella, I was nervous. I was worried it might be too different (though I hoped Disney would not do such a thing!) I wondered if the ending would be the same because, well, I love a happy ending. I hoped with all of my heart that I would love Lilly James as Cinderella and Richard Madden as Prince Charming. I was just plain nervous guys! 

I shared my worries with T on our way to the theater. When the movie ended, he turned to me and said, "See Mommy, it was good." It was! I laughed, I cried, I felt furious at the stepmother, I smiled and felt happy. I loved it. I loved the Prince and really all of the characters! Here's the trailer if you are still on the fence!

Here are pictures of two of my favorite scenes from Frozen Fever and Cinderella. 
The movie opens today in theaters everywhere! I hope you will see it and let me know what you think! And for all of you worried about it being a musical-it's not! Though, I'm thinking some singing would have been nice! #geek

Here's to your very own happily ever after and remember, have courage and be kind!
T and I showing our #DisneySide with some kisses! 
PS T's favorite character is Gus! 

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