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Tuesday, March 3, 2015
We love our school! As a first grade teacher and kindergarten mom, I count my blessings everyday! One thing T and I both love about our school is the after school programs. There are several choices and it seems like there is almost something for everyone! T takes art class (LOVES it) and participates in Fit Club (LOVES it!) 

Art has a theme and they create masterpieces using all kinds of mediums. It is pretty self explanatory. He loves our art teacher and often shares his knowledge with us! Fit Club focuses on exercise and nutrition. Each week they exercise, play games, and try a healthy snack-sometimes focused on food groups. The program was created by one of our amazing PE teachers, Mrs. Whatley. She is a rock star!

When it comes to cool snacks, they had ants on a log (peanut butter, raisins on celery,) an Olaf made with half of a pear, yogurt, flavored popcorn, and T's favorite.....Chick-fil-a grilled nuggets!
T is not a fan of nuggets. He is also not a fan of fries. I wish I wasn't a fan! When T came to the room after Fit Club on protein day, he said, "Mommy, I tried grilled nuggets today and I really like them. Can we get some more one day?" 

How cool is that? T is the kind of kid who is willing to try anything once and decide if he likes it or not. Indian food? Yep! Chinese food? Yep! Any veggie in the universe? Yep! Crazy fruit? Yep! I wouldn't have tried the grilled nuggets though. He is a picky meat eater and I wasn't going to go there. So glad Fit Club did! :)

I'm so glad he gets to experience Fit Club for the exercise, nutritional information, and so he can try fun, new snacks. He even leads a little Fit Club at home with us and we just love it. I feel so fortunate that these after school programs are offered!

Selfishly, I'm also thrilled we can add Chick-fil-a to our road trip stops during lunch and dinner time travel! (We already stop during breakfast of course!) 

Does your school have after school programs? Which program do you wish they had?

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