Balance....Yeah Right!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015
As I prepare for my return to the classroom, I've been on the search for balance. Yes, I can hear you laughing all the way over here! While I know there really is no such thing as balance, I am trying with all of my might to be as prepared as I can be. 

I love being a mommy. It is the greatest job in the whole entire universe and a gift that keeps giving! I love being a teacher, too. It is the very best career for me! I want to continue being mommy and teacher because that is what makes me happy and fulfilled. To do both well, I think I need some kind of balance. Right?
and if it makes you happy, don't let it go! 
Is everyday rainbows and sunshine at home with little ones? No way! Is everyday rainbows and sunshine in the classroom? HA!! Not even close! That's what makes both so fantastic and me so lucky because I get to do both and they actually do usually balance each other! Especially now that T is in school. We love just coming home and I love my gripes being about school, not home. It's what works for us. 

I love and appreciate my work hours, the weekends, the breaks and of course, summer- because those are our family times. I love helping a student learn to read, come out of their shell, try something new, and become a problem solver, too.  I love every minute I am with my own children AND I get to do those same things with them! I love that they see me happy being a teacher, happy doing what I love. T thinks I am so cool and my niece A even tells people I'm important. I can't mess with that kind of perfection friends! But I can't divide these two happies and I'm not sure I can balance it all.....again.

So here I am with lists and sticky notes and piles. I've got everyone's clothes laid out for the week, including mine. I've prepped lunches and put this month's homework in the folder. I've created some makeshift lesson plans (I'm really just planning on hugs and reading and maybe some math!) and have even started my class newsletter! I've texted our family schedule to N, though he will pretend I have not. :) I've made a grocery list and planned a menu I know we never will eat. 
I figure I was pretty good at this mom teacher thing before, so here's hoping I can keep it up! Here's hoping I can balance it all! Nah! I think I will forget balance! I think I have to! Instead I think I will just live, make mistakes, and enjoy! I think I'll stick with my seesaw of balance and laugh and cry and moan and smile along the way. I mean, it has worked so far! :)

Do you have tips for balance living? 

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