Movie Confession

Monday, February 23, 2015
I've been picked on a time or two about things I like. I'm sure you have too! When it comes to my movie confession, my best friend thinks it is ridiculous though deep down I think she is really a fan, too.

Ok, here goes. Confession time.

I LOVE a cheesy, happily ever after sports movie! That's what I DVR. That's what I watch after everyone goes to bed. That's my thing. I love it! I love when the underdog wins! I'm a non sports playing sports movie fan! Here are a few of my faves in no particular order. :)
No, they're not all just for kids! 
Most recently, I've fallen in love with this one. Love, love, love! Seriously, if you haven't seen it, please do! We watched it with T and he loved it as well! Great cast, even better story and its true!
So what is next on my sports movie list? This one.
McFarland USA is a Disney film based on a true story about a coach starting a cross country team. There's way more to it than that though! Have you seen the preview? If not, here you go!  
Who knew my DisneySide would include sharing my love of sports movies?!? I'm hoping I will love it just as much as Million Dollar Arm or Sandlot. Wait, there is just no topping Sandlot! 

Do you have a movie confession? I won't judge!


  1. Sandlot is a favorite at our house too :) Miracle should be at the top of your list too!

    1. I could watch Sandlot 1,000 times! I remember hearing about Miracle and for some reason never had the time to watch it. I'll go find it on DVR!!! Thanks!


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