T's Reptile Birthday!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015
We tend to...well, go overboard for birthdays  around here (see Mad Scientist.) We always have--thanks to Daddy! I was on team "let's have a party every other year" and he was on team, "sure, I'm agreeing to that now, but when it's time, I want to have great big parties every single year!" His reasons are strong though. Birthdays are special! Birthdays are a celebration of life! Birthdays only come once a year! I fall for it every time!

This year, T asked for an animal party. He wanted a live panther and a panther cake. Since there are no traveling panthers in Atlanta, we opted for reptiles. T is quite the animal lover so really any animals would do! The party was a huge success! 

The food.....
Snake cake with panther by Miss Mamie's
I can't even tell you how delicious and adorable this cake was!!! Miss Mamie's was also wonderful to work with, even with the crazy panther request! If you are in Atlanta, head to Marietta Square and check out their cupcakes (blueberry is my favorite) and cakes! When I tell you grownups requested seconds, I'm not kidding! YUM!
I was so excited to stumble upon Moms and Munchkins FREE printables for food fun! She has tons of party ideas, too!! We had gator tails (veggie straws,) gator bait (goldfish,) and snake eyes (grapes.) 
Don't worry, it's really just green punch. Yes, I really had to say that! :)
The reptiles......
We used a company called My Reptile Guys. Our animal guy was Glenn and he was fantastic! I think he may have been a teacher in a former life! We learned about the animals and had fun while we did it! The animals were amazing, the kids were enthralled (adults, too) and it was easy peasy on Mommy and Daddy! 
All pictures courtesy of Freckles and Locks! They are local, amazing, and happen to also be family! 
The crafts......
We made coiled paper snakes and wooden shaky snakes! 
The reptile egg hunt.....
We wrapped up the party with a reptile egg hunt! Fun, fun, fun! 

I was saying goodbyes when T walked up to me and said, "Thanks for making my party so perfect." Ah, mommy bliss! 

He had an amazing birthday and is already planning for next year. I'm really not ok with it though! I'd like for him to be 6 forever! 


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