What We're Reading Sunday

Sunday, February 15, 2015
We are making time to read in this house and is not easy friends! NOT EASY! 

T had a yucky virus last week. Please note he has not been sick ALL YEAR! The rest of us (including the baby) have been fine so far....knocking on wood, carrying rabbit's foot, wearing horseshoe necklace, eating Lucky Charms, and crossing fingers. :) I enjoyed having him home with us though! It's terrible, I know! I just love this guy! We spent lots of time watching tv and resting, but we read some, too. He loves reading to the baby!
Photo by T, after he read Guess How Much I Love You
T is reading this sweet book from his teachers! It was his Valentine gift! What a great idea especially since 2/14 is International Book Giving Day!!! I wonder if his amazing teachers knew that...
Look at that note! It's too much! Totally stealing this idea! 
I'm reading (like one page a day) Habitudes by Tim Elmore. I'm reading it (again, like half a page a day) with several teachers at my school. I'm liking what I've read so far. I really like that it is interactive and I'm a big fan of the author! 
I'm also finishing the Amy Poehler book. It's good! I need more (not tired) hours in the day!

What are YOU reading?

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