Hellooo Jan Brett!

Saturday, November 30, 2013
Jan Brett and the Cinders A Chicken Cinderella tour just made its way through Atlanta. Of course....we went!
She is just as amazing as I hoped! She talked about her life, her love of chickens (who knew?) and making the most of your artistic time. 
She said draw! write! Do it! She encouraged us to use our artistic license. I shared that with my class and they thought that was pretty awesome!
Then there was this...she drew. This started as a black oval and triangle. Watching her work was amazing. The audience was hanging on every word, sketch. It was breathtaking.
Best part though? Jan Brett talking with T! She was so friendly. She asked him questions and chatted away. He told her he loved The Hat and The Mitten. She said she did, too. :) We also took Gingerbread Baby-another favorite! 
Check her site or her FB to see where she is going next! You will leave with a better appreciation for her work and an a whole new excitement for a Jan Brett author study! She has lots of freebies for home or school!
What is your favorite Jan Brett book?
Mine is The Hat! 

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