Call Me Crafty!

Sunday, December 1, 2013
As we all know, I am not, NOT, not into crafting. In fact, when I try (because I'm being forced) it never goes well. I'm serious. I am craft challenged. It could be that it is more stressful than enjoyable to me. Yep, pretty sure that is it.

However....I stumbled upon this TWO INGREDIENT make your own playdough recipe on Pinterest, and thought to myself, "two ingredients...awesome!" 

I was right. So call me little Mrs. Crafty from now on! I'm kidding. This was a one time event. :)

2 parts corn starch (I did 1/3 and 1/3 cup.)
1 part conditioner (I did 1/3 of a little delicious smelling Suave!)
Stir and stir (and add a little food coloring.) Then lose the spoon and mold with your fingers! It is soft and perfect!
We had plenty for A and T! They made snowpeople with the dough and rubbed it on their face because it was so soft. Cute, right? 

It smells good, feels good, took less than 4 minutes to make, and is just as soft as it claims to be. So does it last long? Well, their creations were still there the next morning, but they were fragile. The remaining dough was crumbly but that was fine. It was great while it lasted and is easy to recreate! 

So I give this two thumbs up and recommend it for home or classroom. That my friends is a HUGE recommendation!

Do you have an easy craft? an easy dough recipe? Share, please! :)


  1. hey made this stuff sticky and wouldn't solidify

    1. Hmmm. I had no problem and have made a few times since! Maybe try again with a little more conditioner. Wait....I'm not playdough expert! Maybe I just got lucky!


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