Calming Light Filters...yes please!

Monday, December 9, 2013
Do you have fluorescent lights in your classroom? Have you seen these beauties? 

They are fluorescent light filters. I received them to review from my friends at Educational Insights. I did not post about them right away because I really wanted to give them a run in the classroom for at least six weeks. All opinions are my own!
Here they are in real life!
Wow! Let me say that again. WOW! This two pack of light filters sticks to the edges of your light frames thanks to little magnets. They are fire safety approved and super easy to install. 

The first day the kids came in, they were so excited. There were lots of ooohs and ahhhs. We put the filters over our carpet. They dim the area without taking away the light you need. To be honest, it really is relaxing.

Teachers and other students visit our room and they all tend to migrate over to the carpet. Dare I say the filters are inviting? I think so! 

I can honestly say, I have no complaints about the filters, only high praise. Are the kids calmer? Maybe. Do they love the blue hue compared to the bright white? Absolutely.

Go check out the light covers and try a set! 

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