I Burn Things

Friday, December 13, 2013
In fact, I burn lots of things. I also undercook things and completely mess up even the simplest of recipes. Have I told you about the time I was out spaghetti sauce and decided to make my own sauce from memory? (I had seen Barefoot Contessa days before whipping up a little delish dish!) Well, as I mixed and poured, and cooked and stirred and patted myself on the back after adding the last dash of sugar, I realized I was making BBQ sauce. That's right, BBQ sauce on the spaghetti. #fail

So when the opportunity came up to attend a cooking class at COOK'S WAREHOUSE, East Cobb,  I jumped at the chance! Not only did we learn amazing recipes, we learned how to style our food. That's right, style it. (I'll be posting those shared tips next week!) Our host chef was Nancy Waldeck. She was very friendly and super knowledgeable. They introduced us to new products but never felt like products were being pushed down our throats. 

We had the best time and every cook (not including myself in the cook category) had something to offer and something to gain.
We listened, we tried it, we shared, we ate! 

I loved the experience and can't wait to attend another class with N or some girlfriends. It really makes a great GNO! Here are my biggest takeaways:

1. It's nice to get out of the house and have some grown up fun. The location is perfect and while it it is a little pricey, you are getting more than you pay for! 
2. Cook's Warehouse is very people friendly. ALL of my 1,000 questions were answered with a smile. Bonus: 10% off products when you attend a class. AND members of the military always receive a 10% discount. I love that!
3. The class was not a "leave and never think about it again event." The very next week, I (Ms. I really don't like to cook) made the chicken recipe from our class. Guess what? It was good! It really was! 
4. I met a new friend at class too! Her name is smoked paprika. I liked her so much I brought her home! (See pic above!) I assure you I would have never tried it before this class.

Check out Cook's Warehouse online to find a location near you. Pick up a gift card for a friend and one for you! While you're at it, visit Nancy's site and sign up for her newsletter! She sends a little quickie each week with tips and recipes. 

Have you ever been to a cooking class? Did you walk away ready to try it all at home?

I attended an event at Cook's Warehouse. This post reflects my experience and all thoughts are my own....as usual. :)

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  1. That sounds like SO much fun! I have been wanting to try a cooking class but have been a little intimidated by the idea. I will definitely look into this. Hopefully there is a location close to me :-)\
    Thanks for all the great info. The food looks delicious!!!


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