Celebration Saturday!

Saturday, November 2, 2013
I am really getting the hang of Ruth Ayre's Celebration Saturday! We come together and share something great from the week before. In looking back each week, I'm noticing I have lots and lots of little things to celebrate. 

Discover. Play. Build.

Family Halloween was a blast! We carved our family pumpkin. The rain held off until our little trick or treater was done. His costume held up though he ditched the hat and glasses pretty early. He and Daddy had a blast with the neighbors and their dads. I enjoyed the post-trick or treat snuggles. 
Grappling hook made by Mr. C. for T's spy costume! He loved it!!
The biggest pumpkin ever! 
School A student I taught three years ago, and one I love dearly but do not often see, surprised me on Halloween with a treat and the biggest hug ever.  He said, "I love you. You are the best teacher I ever had." Wow, I needed that W. I really needed that. I love how God sends these little angels at just the right moment. 

Life My friend E and I loaded up the kids and met at the park for a power walk. It was pretty much a hysterical series of events leaving us to ask "WHY ARE THE EXERCISE GODS AGAINST US?" but we did get in some walking and we have laughs to last us a lifetime. 
What are you celebrating? 
Write it down! Tell someone! Share here!


  1. Lyssa, I love these little celebrations! If walking turns into laughing with friends, I would exercise every day!

  2. Laughing with friends is the best exercise! :) so glad a student gave you a compliment by returning for a visit.


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