Career Move

Wednesday, November 13, 2013
T has changed his future career plans. In August, he still wanted to be a teacher. He had been riding the teaching wave since he ditched the whole engineer thing last year. I knew it wouldn't last long (he probably found out what we make) and I am pleased with his latest choice.....scientist. 

Of course, he now wants a scientist birthday party, science kit for his Christmas present (so he can be ready for his party,) and a full scientist wardrobe. Just so you know, that includes a white labcoat and blue labcoat. 

While watching Sesame Street the other day, we stumbled upon this Grover clip. T almost jumped with joy. 
We immediately went into science mode and started trying a few of the experiments on our own! The activities are perfect for our 4 year old, though I recommend adult supervision. :)

Pepper, Water, and Detergent:
Why does this happen? T knows! We even watched the video to double check. (Mommy and Daddy were learning, too!)

Stay tuned for the next experiment! It's a classic...volcano!!!!

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