Living with a Scientist

Sunday, November 17, 2013
Now that I'm living with a scientist full time, I have to be ready for experiments at any moment. Thank goodness I had baking soda, vinegar, "a sturdy tray," and a glass container on hand when T was ready for more science fun!

What was today's experiment? The good ol' erupting volcano! We waited for daddy to arrive and went straight to work! 


 AGAIN! This time with blue food coloring!
 Long day at school, stress from life, paper work, phone calls, etc. Put it all aside and squeeze in a little science, a little experiment, a little family fun. It can be easy and quick. I mean, doesn't this face say it all?
Whether or not he becomes a scientist for hire, he is a scientist now and the seed of curiosity continues to be nourished! We experiment, take things apart, cook, measure, compare, build, invent, and occasionally destroy. I mean, it is all in the name of science. :)

How do you make science a part of your child's life? 

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