Ten Frame Fun!

Sunday, July 21, 2013
Holy Moly! I love, love, love these magnetic ten frame answer boards and you will not believe where I got them!!! Smilemakers! You know the company kind of known for stickers and pencils? They have school supplies and teacher resources, too. I had no idea! 

This set has 4 boards, 100 magnetic counters, and a guide. My class is going to be thrilled! They are also magnetic. That's right-MAGNETIC!
So, like any good mom, I put these through a trial with my 4 year old. T has decided they should stay at home with him. We started counting on the side with one ten frame, then moved to the back. He is working on one to one correspondence, so we filled one board and moved them from one board to the other as we counted. 
Smilemakers has way more than I thought they did-including Despicable Me stickers (and other hot, new movies,) organizers, pocket charts, decorations, holiday goodies, craft supplies, and candy. I just didn't know! Even better, for the whole month of July you get FREE shipping and 25% off arts and crafts with code JUL13. If you are broke until August, that's ok! The August deal is 25% off classroom helpers, pocket charts etc and FREE shipping with code AUG13.

Back to school shopping has officially started in the S household. 

What have you bought so far? 

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