Back to School < GASP >

Tuesday, July 9, 2013
I gave myself the entire month of June off. This was a first for me in a really long time. I went to TC the last two summers (a much better teacher for it) and just overall did too much the rest of the time. The school year ended a little crazy for me (not the kids!) so I decided to recoup during the entire month of June.
So I've traveled to the Bahamas, the Smoky Mountains, and to my home sweet home-Mobile. I have gone on playdates, date nights, puppet shows, long walks, short hikes, and even tried sleeping late. I've gone to the pool and not worried one little bit about what I look like in my bathing suit. I'm playing with my kid, not entering Mrs. America. Who is this new me?!? We've been staying up way too late, too~way too late.

I've read 5 just for fun books~chick lit, mysteries, absolute fluff!  FIVE I say!! I've read all of these, too. Not because I had too, but because I wanted too. I love that feeling!

I'm reading this one now thanks to my PLN.
So while I officially return to school on July 31st. (Yes, I'm serious.) I am celebrating the summer I have had and the remaining two weeks of it! 

I have always loved back to school, since I was a kid. This year though, I'm heading back with an even bigger smile~did not even know that was possible!

What fun have you had this summer?

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