Summer Bedtime Routine

Monday, July 15, 2013
I need to be honest here. This summer, our bedtime routine has been lax. When I say lax, I mean, we still brush our teeth, read a book or tell a story, say our prayers and sing a night night song. What time does this occur? No comment. 

Our top choices are the traditional lullaby (my mom sang that to me,) Amazing Grace (my Paw Paw's favorite,) or You are My Sunshine. 

For the last 602 nights, T has asked for You are My Sunshine.  I love the song too and we substitute his name where ever we can. He smiles as a I sing. Sometimes, when I'm super lucky, he even sings it to me. :) 
Thing is, I only know the first verse and after singing it for the last 602 nights, I'm struggling! So like any good mother/teacher, I googled the song! I read the words then I listened to the words, discovered there is a ringtone and like a billion youtube videos of people singing it, dancing to it, mocking it....whatever. 

There are different versions, and I have simple decided that my version is best. Just ask T

What is your child's favorite nighttime song and are have you thrown routine to the wind the summer? 

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