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Monday, July 29, 2013
As I prep for back to school, I'm thinking about building community, getting to know my kids and their families, and setting the tone for the school year. That tone includes treating everyone respectfully and my famous catch phrase, "kind words, nice face." I developed this highly researched approach after reading dozens of books on management, experimenting with control groups, and, oh wait, nope, I came up with it one day after realizing it is harder to be fussy if you have a nice face instead of a growly one.  :)

I thought about this sense of community today as T and I were at a local family attraction. He was playing, I was watching him. He was having a blast climbing and sliding. I was being stepped on, pushed into with strollers, and jabbed with passing purses. I was having fun nonetheless. 

A mom, dad, and (I'm assuming here) grandmother walked up and stood next to me. Mom, "Look at what he has on. What is this 2002? Get a haircut man." Grandmother, "Ridiculous, I can only imagine what the kids look like." Dad, "It's not just him. Look around." 

Really? I mean REALLY? I looked over and gave them my very best teacher look. I wish I would have respectfully done more. I was so outdone, so disappointed, so scared for our future, so disgusted that this is the example so many children have at home. 

Why do you care what anyone else is wearing? The man was not naked, in fact no parts were showing (just to be clear!) The man was clean, dressed, and playing with his children. 

Do you not have anything else in the world to talk about while in a room full of interesting exhibits/games/rides/toys? I just do not get it. We are grownups. 

I know we all have our days, but here is my plea. STOP being mean. Just STOP. 


  1. I'm glad you gave them your teacher look. Last week at the store, I was going to comment on the check-out guy's quite long hair to my daughter. Then he looked me in the eye and pleasantly wished me an excellent day. We mustn't judge! Thanks for a great reminder.

  2. A great lesson we all need to remember!

  3. I like your slogan. :-) Wouldn't it be great if everyone lived by it?


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