If I have it, my son wants it

Saturday, July 13, 2013
So, I am assuming this is normal and if I was really being honest with myself, I think I might recall doing this to my own mother, but whatever. (Her drink of choice back in the day was TAB!) 
If I grab a snack, T suddenly becomes hungry. It doesn't matter what I'm eating-blueberries, almonds (though with this one he would want a trade,) popcorn, even kale chips! He gets the munchies!

If I grab a drink, he quickly becomes parched (even if he just finished his own beverage.) If he hears the bottle pop, cork snap, or pitcher pour, he comes running, "May I have something to drink mommy?" (Kid also has manners!)  If he hears me shaking my ensure.ca or breakfast concoction, he will stop what he is doing and explore the situation. 
Kid looks innocent, but he is a player! I guess we all do it, but I kind of miss the days of enjoying my own snack or beverage.

Something tells me others do, too. 

and I'm sorry mom for not letting you just enjoy your TAB! :) 

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