Smoky Mountain Fireworks

Wednesday, July 24, 2013
Day one of our Smoky Mountain vaca was fabulous! We loved Asheville and the entire Biltmore Estate, but we.were.tired. The only thing on the agenda for day two (THE 4TH OF JULY) was relaxation and fireworks! 
Check and check!
We drove around Maggie Valley, visited a few stores, ate at road side restaurants and just enjoyed being together. 
The rain continued but everyone kept telling us the fireworks show would go on no matter what. (Of course, N had picked up fireworks just in case the show did not go on!) We loaded the car at 8:55 and drove (again-it was raining!) across the street to the fairgrounds. If I'm being honest, we actually parked behind a vacant bar. There was no crowd and the view was perfect.

We all sat in the car and watched in amazement. There is just something about fireworks and the 4th of July. The oohs and ahs, the boom and sizzle. I love it. They were just beautiful and the show lasted a little over 30 minutes. The kids had their fill and we simply hopped back across the street. Life is good!
The memory making was on overdrive. Maggie Valley's 4th of July did not disappoint. But what in the world would we do the next day? 

Do you have a 4th of July memory to share? Please do! 

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