Brotherly Love

Tuesday, July 16, 2013
My brother would have been 41 yesterday. He's been gone seven years now and I miss him terribly. I miss him answering the phone when I called, listening to my classroom stories, and most of all-I miss his smack talking every chance he could. He was a pro!

I've missed him since day one, but having a son of my own makes me miss him even more. My brother would have loved T. He would have cracked up at his silliness, understood his need to build and create with anything, and most of all-he would of loved how he talks nonstop. 

I tell T stories about my brother all the time. My sister does the same with my niece. We exaggerate the stories and that would make my brother proud. Seriously. 
When deciding what to do for my brother's special day, T decided on cupcakes. Baking is not my thing and I laughed out loud when they turned out a little more crispy (er, crunchy) than they should have been. My brother would have run with that for days!

My brother gave great advice. Two of my favorites are 1) if you get a chance to go, GO. 2) if you keep leaving your makeup bag places why don't you just get two sets of makeup? Sounds silly, but I think of these two little tidbits every time I travel. I can picture him saying them to me. 

I've said this before, and I'll say it again. Life is short. Live like there is no tomorrow. If you can't do that all the time, cherish the moments when you do. My brother would love that! 

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