What is Fluency?

Sunday, April 7, 2013
Fluency Part I of II
Fluency is reading with appropriate speed, accuracy and proper expression. 
The real questions are....

Does it matter? How can I help my child/student?

YES! Fluency does matter. Fluency is comprehension's best friend. If the reader can read the words and keep a steady pace, the story makes more sense. 

There are many ways to help build and increase fluency. 
*Start early by reading aloud to your child. The more they hear what fluency sounds like, the better off they will be! 

*When they are ready for the next step (repeating what you read or beginning reading) it is a great idea to have your child read/repeat the material again. Nursery rhymes are a great place to start. Try to have a copy of the rhyme available so you can point to the words as you read. Make it fun by reading in a silly voice, monster voice, etc. 

*As your child becomes an independent reader, the fluency practice needs to continue! Have your child read material that is slightly below their independent reading level (ask your teacher for this info.) This allows your child to spend less time deciphering words and more time on pacing and thinking about what the story is really about! 

Please share your fluency tips!
Check back tomorrow to see my favorite way to build fluency!

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