Our First Family Hike!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013
For those of you who know me well, I am not the outdoor type. at.all.

Being mom to a four year old little boy has left me no choice though, I must venture into the great outdoors, like it or not! 

Why I don't like being outside:
A. heat
B. bugs
C. heat and bugs

To kick off our spring break, and celebrate T's LOVE of the great outdoors, we took our first family hike. 

I packed:
antibiotic ointment

T packed:
yogurt raisins
3 stuffed animal friends
bag of shredded cheddar

N packed:

We headed out for Kennesaw Mountain and were not disappointed! We took the shuttle up, had a picnic, and hiked around and down (about 2 miles.)  The weather was great so I did not have to fake passing out due to heat exhaustion. N was thrilled. There were TONS and I mean TONS of gnats though. They were everywhere!!!!! I fought complaining with every bone in my gnat covered body. Hours, days later, I still feel them on me. I'm serious. 

Even with the creepy crawlies, it was amazing! A great first time experience for all! Next time-bug spray. WHAT? Did I just say next time? That in itself is amazing! 

Do you have a favorite spot for us to try next? Do tell! :)

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