Kids Say It Best!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013
When I asked T what he wished every kid in the whole wide world could have a Shot@, he didn't even think about it. He looked at me and said, "playing with A and Davis (our neighbor.)" 
I loved it! In fact, it made my whole day. It really is that simple. Every child deserves a shot@playing with friends, and nobody knows that more than my four year old!

We held our 2nd Annual Shot@Life Playdate in the Park over the weekend. We had a big birthday bash to celebrate Shot@Life's first birthday! It was AwEsOmE!!! (Look for the post soon!)
@ErinSonderman Photography and shirt by @Shootiegirl
I decided to make note of what our kid guests said every kid, no matter where they live, should have a Shot@.....
...playing an instrument
...swimming in the deep end
...climbing trees
...having a boyfriend (ah!!)
...beating the other team
...going to school
...driving a car (again, AH!)

Kids know what life is all about and it shows! Join me in celebrating Shot@Life's birthday by learning more and doing more! Here's how (in no particular order!):

@Download the free Shot@Life app to track life's special milestones. Like this one...his first time holding a caterpillar!
@Visit Shot@Life and sign up to learn more! You'll receive an email a few times a year with updates and opportunities! 
@Donate $20 (or more-that's for all my super wealthy friends!) to vaccinate a child for LIFE! You'll be helping saving a child's life from something as common as diarrhea or pneumonia!
@Download the free CharityMiles app and run/walk/bike to support Shot@Life.
@Participate in the Global Mom Relay by sharing posts on FB, Twitter, or email! There is a new story (inspiring!) each day until May 3rd. 

What do you wish every child had a Shot@?

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