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Saturday, April 6, 2013
My sweet, pregnant friend asked me for my best parenting advice. 

I laughed. Then I laughed some more. I mean, and I told her this, I do not think I should be handing out parenting advice. Then I realized, LOTS of people do not need to be handing out parenting advice. 
I pulled out my guy's baby book and read it so I could remember a few kind words passed on from friends....

let him cry it out, no matter how hard it is on you (um, no.)

sleep when he sleeps (I did this one a few times!)

don't hold him all the time (he was/is too cute not to hold!)

off brand diapers are just as good (LIAR!)

take turns! (we still do!)

Then I found where I had written this gem...

"The best advice I received was 'spoil that baby' and the worst advice I got was 'spoil that baby.'" 

So I called my friend back and told her just that, and that off brand diapers did not work for my guy, and that I held him all the time, and that I did spoil him rotten, and I did not let him cry it out, and to try to sleep as much as she can-when she can, and that all babies are different and that she should do what works for her and her very own little prince. 

She was all, "okayyyyy, but if you only had ONE thing to say that would really help me, what would it be?"

Hmmm.....Oh, I know!
Every single day.

What was the best or worst advice you received as a parent?

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